Love Is The Greatest Gift

When you love you respect the person in all aspects. When you love you will always exert all efforts to keep the trust of the person and would always make him/her feel that he/she is the most special person in your whole life. Its making the person feel that he/she is not an option.  

My gift for You is a walk to eternal love till the sun sets and conclude our lives

Love is not about how sexy a person is but its all about accepting as a whole and willingness to compromise. Love is what you feel inside your heart not in between our legs. love is not shallow, it is always deep and strong and never bothered by the single mistake but more of taking things objectively to find out why it happened and how to give resolution to each conflict.  Love is a journey with colorful challenges that will make us feel proud at the end of the day when we defeat all the obstacles. Love is not always happiness but a composition of every emotions combined with understanding. Love is inviting both of you to grow better. Love is not a word but an act. Love is the greatest gift you could ever give to someone.
And Him feels the same ....

And Her/Him fell the same ….

The most memorable gift for him

   When choosing a gift for the man of your life it is important to think about what will make him happy. It is not always about giving any gifts and thinking that he will appreciate anything you give because he loves you. Sometimes men will just say that they like the gift because they do not want to offend the ladies. However, action speaks louder than words, so a man may sometimes act differently than what he say. It always feels best to see the eyes of your gorgeous man sparkling with so much joy when you give him a gift.

Freedom of love

Freedom of love

Assessing the interest of your man will help you determine the best gift for him. A wrist watch is a common gift that women give to men. But the question is, have you ever seen your man wearing a wrist watch? If not, do not jump into a conclusion that he do not want a wrist watch. It could be that he just do not have time to buy one for himself or he is just waiting for someone to give him a wrist watch. Or it could be that he is not interested at all in having a wrist watch because he is not comfortable in wearing one. The only key to find out is to ask him. When you know the answer then its time for you to decide whether a wrist watch is a great gift or not.
   Building good memories by going on a romantic place together can also be a good gift for your man but its not just simply planning to throw a holiday get away with him because you think that the place is romantic.
Keep in mind that your relationship is composed of two individuals who are 
in love with each other. Being in love does not mean that you have the same interest. What is interesting for you may not be interesting for him, but because he loves you, he respects your interests just the same as how you respect his interests because you love him.
   When deciding for a great holiday get away together, plan something that is common between you. You will not book a nice candle light dinner with your man with chicken on the menu when he never likes chicken at all or plan a beach holiday where you will ride a boat going to a paradise island when you know that riding a boat makes him dizzy. You may both like the concept of walking on the beach together or just simply looking at the sunset at the quiet beach but not the dilemma of him getting dizzy while on an hour ride on the boat that will made him dizzy. You wouldn’t want to spend half of the day looking after him and worrying about his dizzy condition when in fact you could have started doing nice things with him on the beach if he is not dizzy. A memorable anniversary holiday get away should be full of nice memories and spontaneous activities which is the main ingredient for a memorable anniversary holiday get away. You can still plan for a beach anniversary event but make sure to cross out boat ride. This way, you can be assured that your man will have a glowing eyes who shows how deeply in love he is with you.