Love Is The Greatest Gift

When you love you respect the person in all aspects. When you love you will always exert all efforts to keep the trust of the person and would always make him/her feel that he/she is the most special person in your whole life. Its making the person feel that he/she is not an option.  

My gift for You is a walk to eternal love till the sun sets and conclude our lives

Love is not about how sexy a person is but its all about accepting as a whole and willingness to compromise. Love is what you feel inside your heart not in between our legs. love is not shallow, it is always deep and strong and never bothered by the single mistake but more of taking things objectively to find out why it happened and how to give resolution to each conflict.  Love is a journey with colorful challenges that will make us feel proud at the end of the day when we defeat all the obstacles. Love is not always happiness but a composition of every emotions combined with understanding. Love is inviting both of you to grow better. Love is not a word but an act. Love is the greatest gift you could ever give to someone.
And Him feels the same ....

And Her/Him fell the same ….

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